A letter to my future self, winding down with 2023.

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3 min readNov 12, 2023
Selfie of me with Amanda of Dallas Girl Gang @ Boss Vision Con!

Hi xinyi,

How’ve you been? I hope this letter finds you in good spirits, surrounded by positive vibes and a sense of accomplishment! As I sit down to write to you, I’m participating in a cowriting session hosted by Jasmine on Discord for the Don’t Be Strangers community. There’s something magical about connecting with like-minded friends, and it got me thinking about all the incredible things that have unfolded throughout this rollercoaster of a year — 2023.

Let’s dive into the adventure!

So, picture this: I attended the Boss Vision Con by Dallas Girl Gang earlier this year, and it sparked a whole new dimension of collaboration for me. AI became a sidekick in my creative endeavors, making writing projects a whole lot more interesting and, dare I say, fun? 😌 It’s incredible how one connection can lead to another, creating a beautiful web of opportunities.

Speaking of fun, 2023 has been nothing short of wild. First things first, I penned down my first-ever book — “How to Talk to Anyone for Introverts.” It was a labor of love, and seeing it out there in the world was a surreal moment.

But hey, it wasn’t all about work! I took a leap across the pond and found myself working European hours while exploring the enchanting streets of Spain — Barcelona, Sevilla, Madrid — you name it. It was like a dream, and I couldn’t get enough. At the end of my European escapade, we snuck in a little trip to Italy and it was one week of nonstop train escapes!

Back home in Dallas, I started teaming up with other communities like Dallas Book Tribe. And, of course, the regular clothes swaps I host between friends. You know how I love changing out my closet!

Creativity was on fire too! Megan and Trang joined me for some fantastic photoshoots, and I can’t even begin to describe the joy of hosting my first natural tie-dye workshop with Hamesha Project.

Friendships blossomed — Lindsey, MIN, Lauren, Christina, Jasmine, Emilee, Reem, Michaela, Jinny — these names hold stories, laughter, and shared adventures. And speaking of adventures, moving Joseph to his new apartment was a mission accomplished!

I experience my first sound bath in Mexico City in July which led to meeting my vocal teacher — the universe works in mysterious ways. And let’s not forget my first-ever remote personal trainer through Future — an experiment in self-improvement that kept things interesting.

Plans for the first-ever Don’t Be Strangers all women’s retreat in Puerto Vallarta next spring started taking shape with Molly Ho.

Now, let’s talk about New York. I lived in NYC for August, and guess what? I fell head over heels for Greenpoint. The city surprised me in ways I never expected, and having Kate of SheConnectsClub as a friend made the experience even more special.

September brought me home to play at Meow Wolf — because why not, right? And then came the grand celebration — my first book launch, doubling as a community party for Don’t Be Stranger’s 2nd Birthday. The preparation burnt me out a bit, but the support from the community and the lessons from Kate’s wisdom on how to find sponsorships made it all worthwhile.

As the year winds down, I find myself taking more time for art, for self-reflection, and creating space for flow. It’s been a year of playfulness, and looking back, I’m proud of the journey — the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

Most of the time, it doesn’t feel like I’m doing all that much, but when I take a step back and look at the tapestry of accomplishments, it’s a beautiful present that I get to experience.

Here’s to looking forward to what the next year holds! I hope you’re as excited as I am for the adventures that await.

Sending you good vibes and high-fives,




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