Focusing on Social Wellness 👯‍♀️

Week 2 #NovemberWellnessChallenge

xinyi @ don't be strangers
2 min readNov 17, 2022


Maintaining an optimal level of social wellness allows you to build healthy relationships with others.

Having a supportive social network allows you to develop assertive skills and become comfortable with who you are in social situations.

Surrounding yourself with a positive social network increases your self-esteem. Social wellness enables you to create boundaries that encourage communication, trust, and conflict management. Having good social wellness is critical to building emotional resilience.


NEXT STEPS + how to get involved!

  1. If you haven’t already officially signed up to be part of the #NovemberWellnessChallenge, Sign up to take part. 🪷
  2. Download the following graphics for THIS week, and start filling it out! (See Below — with example 👀)
  3. Share what you’re doing with the community by tagging @dontbestrangers & @bitsofwellness and #NovemberWellnessChallenge ~!
  4. Join Our Discord Server! This is where all the 📆 events will take place! 🥳
  5. Sign up for some Upcoming Events.
  6. Invite your loved ones!
Ideas for how you can connect to your social self this week!

🤔 Wait, is it too late ⏰ to join the #NovemberWellnessChallenge?

Nope! We’ve designed it so that you can hop in at ANY point of the month.

Every week, we’re focusing on a different aspect of holistic wellness and will have free events to support these topics!

You will also receive 2 graphics per week.

  1. A list of ideas ✅ of what you can do this week to get closer with that particular part of holistic health. There’s an idea per day BUT you definitely don’t need to do each thing on the given listed day and you can make up your own.
  2. A calendar for that week that you can fill out using Instagram Stories by uploading the photo and typing over it~! SKIPPING A DAY is totally welcomed. :’) Just put “skip 😴” because there’s no shame in it.

Sign up to take part. 🪷

There’s also a Book Club 📘 Reading: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.



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