How to Bring Joy to Your Nutrition Practice 🍟🥗🍕🥑🥩🍦 #NovemberWellnessChallenge

Workshop Recap with Nutrition Coach @jeremy.fernandes6

  • a sense of autonomy
  • a less self-critical voice
  • appreciation for food and movement
  • tools to explore feelings, sensations, and thoughts
  • a view of this journey as a series of questions to ask, “What makes me feel my best?”
  • Offers improvements in many health markers
  • Benefits are far reaching — beyond weight loss or appetite control
  • Something that anyone can apply to different degrees in their everyday life
  • What’s your goal with your nutrition?
  • The habits you are building into your diet, are they able to scale up and down as needed? In different contexts? (Vacation, weekend, different times of day?)
  • Try applying the concept of Slow Eating into different parts of your life!


  • There’s an idea per day BUT you definitely don’t need to do each thing on the given listed day and you can make up your own.
  • SKIPPING A DAY is totally welcomed. :’) Just put “skip 😴” because there’s no shame in it.



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