How to Make a Vision Board #NovemberWellnessChallenge

Workshop Recap with Hajar of @adviceologie 🪷

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2 min readNov 16, 2022


The Vision Board I created from this workshop with the theme: Self-Dating. 💗

The importance of Vision Boards cannot be stressed because they make our goals one step closer to reality by bringing them out of the metaphysical realm into the physical via visual reminders.

The magic of these Vision Boards is that they can be effective simply been seen on a daily basis without forced actions to make things happen. Why? Because the repeated exposure to your dreams will subconsciously remind you to take small steps in the direction of your end goal.

If you missed this workshop, here’s what you can do:

  1. Define a timeline for your vision — is it a month, a quarter (3 months), a year? 📏
  2. Ask yourself and journal: What do you want more of right now? ⚡️
  3. Ask yourself and journal: What is your mission / purpose? 👟 This one can be daunting because it feels very all encompassing BUT you can time box this question to your timeline from step 1. Maybe, right now your purpose is simply to finish school. Or, maybe it’s to find a good routine to set yourself up for other things.
  4. Make the vision board!! ✂️
  • Analog: find magazines and collage it out, pick up a pen and paper and just doodle out what you want
  • Digital: Use Canva or Pinterest to create a digital collage
  • PROTIP: put your vision board in a place that you can see every day (hang it in your bedroom, put it as your phone lock screen background, etc.)

🤔 Wait, is it too late ⏰ to join the #NovemberWellnessChallenge?

Nope! We’ve designed it so that you can hop in at ANY point of the month.

Every week, we’re focusing on a different aspect of holistic wellness and will have free events to support these topics!

You will also receive 2 graphics per week.

A list of ideas ✅ of what you can do this week to get closer with that particular part of holistic health.

  • There’s an idea per day BUT you definitely don’t need to do each thing on the given listed day and you can make up your own.
  • SKIPPING A DAY is totally welcomed. :’) Just put “skip 😴” because there’s no shame in it.

A calendar for that week that you can fill out using Instagram Stories by uploading the photo and typing over it~!



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