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Don’t Be Strangers * Podcast Show Notes

xinyi @ don't be strangers
3 min readMay 15, 2023

Welcome back to Don’t Be Strangers. Our mission is to create deeper conversations and more vulnerable connections by providing intentional resources, events, and community for curious and optimistic students-of-life to fight adult loneliness and the myth that “making friends is hard!” I’m your host XinYi, and I typically meet my co-hosts for the very first time while recording! If this sounds fun to you, please consider applying to co-host a future episode.

I just double checked and the last time I pushed an episode was back in January so needless to say, I’ve taken a very long break. On top of traveling to Malaysia, Spain, and Italy between the months of December and March, I was also heads down working on my first book — How to Talk to Anyone for Introverts. It’s so surreal that I started this project at the beginning of December and here we are, now officially published on Amazon, and I can hold a physical copy in my hands. I loved putting the book together because of my mission behind Don’t Be Strangers so it felt like the logical next step in the building of this community. If you want my insights on mindset shifts, conversation flow, and developing real, lasting, and vulnerable friendships, I share all of that in my book. Better yet, I’m on a mission to get to 100 reviews so if I’ve piqued your interest and you’d like a free copy in exchange for a review, you can visit our instagram @dontbestrangers where it will be linked in the bio OR you can visit our website: — Thank you so much to everyone who has and is donating their time and energy into promote this book by helping it gain visibility through feedback.

So speaking of not having worked on the podcast episodes in a while… you won’t be surprised to find that this episode was recorded late November last year. But what I really appreciate about relistening to this episode in the editing process was being reminded of the goals I had at that time in my life because it’s been a good 6 months since I’ve experienced this conversation and so much has changed and often we forget our goals in the mess of life. This conversation was extra special because Sana of episode 13 reached back out to record a follow up episode so we looped back to conversation topics we had from a year before as well! It’s not necessary that you listen to episode 13 but if you have extra time, maybe you should? Sana is such a joy and we always laugh a lot when we chat together, so I hope this conversation puts a smile on your face and a little sparkle into your day!

In this conversation we will touch on

  • my goals of living into #BIGKIDENERGY
  • balancing our time and energy as a 9–5 professional adult vs a university student
  • why taking breaks is productive and time blocking your calendar
  • Sana’s experience with introverts from an extrovert’s perspective
  • the relationship you can have with oneself

With that, please meet Sana…



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