Playa Del Carmen PDC ☕️ Top 5 Coffeshop Remote Offices

xinyi @ don't be strangers
3 min readJan 15, 2023

I was digital nomading/living in Lima for 6 weeks in November of 2021 and here are some favorites I found there!

1. Yum Yum by George

🔗 wifi/internet — decent, it’s much stronger closer to the door than in the back
🔌 outlets — a few along the walls!
🍵coffee — solid with really great food if you need a meal
🖼setting — this is technically a restaurant but it does also have coffee and pastries! This quickly became one of my go-to spots because it was relatively empty in the morning hours! (also everyone is SUPER NICE)

2. Quadra Café — Specialty Coffee

🔗 wifi/internet — strong and available
🔌 outlets — along the walls
🍵coffee — delicious and strong
🖼setting — clean, minimal aesthetics in a quiet corner of town with few clients most times I’ve visited!

3. Lali Pasteles

🔗 wifi/internet — available! In all 3 businesses
🔌 outlets — one or two along the walls
🍵coffee — so dreamy and so are the cakes!
🖼setting — fairy tail little room with maybe 3 seats indoors but I went one afternoon and most people drop in to eat a cake then leave so the girl behind the counter was so kind and let me stay for a few hours to work!! I started coming back quite often since it was so comfortable (and had lots of cake!!)

4. COA Restaurante

🔗 wifi/internet — available and decent, but if there are too many people, the network gets a bit unstable
🔌 outlets — a few along the walls
🍵coffee — solid with good food options
🖼setting — gorgeous space with refreshing vibes! This quickly became one of my fav spots to visit because it’s out of the hustle and bustle of tourist areas

5. Basic Foodie

🔗 wifi/internet — solid unless it gets too crowded with laptop users
🔌 outlets — they’re a bit harder to find but yes, available
🍵coffee — solid with really great food if you need a meal
🖼setting — large tables to share indoors and lots of individual seating outside on the patio area! Beware there are lots of mosquitos though so depending on where you sit, that could get annoying but this is a fan favorite for digital nomads



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