Ways We Create Meaningful Connections 🤗 #NovemberWellnessChallenge

Workshop Recap with @immelodyjoy

Intuitive Mindset Coach (@immelodyjoy)
  • Author Lisa Nichol’s categories of the 3 types of relationships: Life-Giving, Purposeful, Lifetime
  • Defining ‘meaningful connection’: Radical acceptance, trust, vulnerability, presence, common bond, shared experience
  • Initiate frequent check in with people
  • Be thoughtful and personalized in how you demonstrate your care
  • Be proactive knowing your needs and in communicating to others what you need in order to feel loved or happy
  • In order to do that we should work on becoming self-aware of what rules and expectations we are operating by. Is there anything you are expecting that is outside of your control?
  • There’s an idea per day BUT you definitely don’t need to do each thing on the given listed day and you can make up your own.
  • SKIPPING A DAY is totally welcomed. :’) Just put “skip 😴” because there’s no shame in it.



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